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Following 1000Miglia

Quick Details

Private vintage car Per Person

Ride Alongside the Most Beautiful Car Race in The World

The “1000miglia” (1,000 miles) is considered by many the most beautiful, historic car race in the world.

Maybe because it takes place through the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, or because of the incredible crowd that will cheer you at every turn, or because of the sound of the powerful engines, but when you find yourself in it you don’t want this to stop.

The race is 1,600 km long (around 1,000 miles, thus the name “1000miglia”), with the itinerary going from Brescia (a city near Milan) to Rome and back in just four days.

Due to the strict inclusion criteria (participation is only open to cars produced before 1957), participating as an official racer can cost up to 50 thousand euros.

If you want to be part of it, therefore, and feel the adrenaline of the craziest race in the world in public streets, you have to be very rich, or at least own a legendary car.

But there’s a third option, purchasing the “following 1000miglia” package from Per La Dolce Vita srl.

This package is only available for just 10 people, limited to five historical cars with two people per car.

During these four days on the road, the convoy will be led by my classic Alfa Romeo, and guests will follow, driving the car chosen among the five available, always followed by an assistance car with a mechanic on board.

My car will be equipped with GPS so you will never risk getting lost in the adrenaline of the race, and will always know where to find the group.

What Else You Should Know